Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011

A Small Rant On Twitter Followers

I admit I am pretty late to that whole twitter thing. So I am probably astonished by things that the more experienced of you might simply put aside.

Nevertheless it is intriguing to me how sometimes people start to follow me on tweets without obviously reading my bio or at least reading that tweet. My impression is that my bio is pretty clear
Payment expert, entrepreneur & geek
No mentioning of any kind of interest in shoes or vegan products or sex contacts in the Netherlands.
Nevertheless sometimes when twittering or retweeting I get a new hilarious follower ...

Lets start with a post about Zalando (the German copy of Zapatos in the US). I had this post which is telling the story of our first shoe delivery by Zalando and has an implicit reference to a german TV-spot.
This brought me @rueschen as new follower.
Very nice - she searches for the perfect shoe meanwhile she walks bare foot and sells shoes from Prada and D&G etc. - seems like the more expensive option.
I am wondering if she is more into my tweets about software development or if she is more interested in payment technology?

Actually I made a mistake by booking my travel arrangements via Opodo.
Big service fail which I tweeted about here.
The decision to book my travel arrangements via Opodo is certainly more than foolish. Consequently  those 2 guys started to follow me - probably in the hope that if I was so foolish once I will even more foolish in the future and might buy from them as well.
This one is certainly a candidate for news about CoffeeScript

The next guy is even funnier - he is so obviously trying to sell a multi level marketing scheme while pretending he doesn't want to sell you anything that it almost hurts.
His bio says: #entrepreneur #earn money #freelance #wellness #sidejob # fun etc.
Just because I made the dumb mistake to book my travel via Opodo doesn't mean I will fall into you MLM ponzi scheme.
Or is he realy into node.js?

Then I stumbled about a link for vegan shoes which I loudly wondered about
Which made Gordon an avid follower of mine
Gordon is vegan, balanced and informed - sadly he lacks any kind of bull shit detector.
Hey LuckyThorsten I think I got a new customer for you!

Adult Dating
My last and most curious follower started to follow me after this blog post:
This one really opens up a whole bunch of questions:

  • what kind of sexual techniques is nodejs or npmjs?
  • I am located in Munich - why should I follow adult dating contacts in the Netherlands
  • Wouldn't it be fare more cheaper if I got my self a professional instead of travelling to Amsterdam for example
  • How should participate in your web site? Everything is in Dutch! The pictures on your frontpage are universally understood thou.
  • How should I know that you are the best sex dates site in the Netherlands. Have you been audited? By whom? KPMG? Please show me the certificate!
Obviously I will twitter about this blog. Lets see who starts to follow me ...

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